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With 6 weeks of training with Amy you will be able reach your fitness goals, with a wide variety of full body, core, upper and lower body muscle will be left untrained. All demonstrated to you by Amy, to help you reach your goals, you’ll feel fitter, healthier and bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 
“Everyone has a different reason for working out. For me I do it to stay fit and in shape and feel my best, when I feel confident with my body I feel confident in myself, and feeling good from the inside out is what really matters. After every workout I do, I instantly feel full of energy and my mind feels so much more relaxed and at ease.

After having my baby girl, I know how difficult it is to fit working out around my everyday life, work and mum commitments, but this plan is so flexible and can be squeezed into even the tightest of schedules. I want to help you feel confident, sexy and reach those fitness goals.’’
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A Personal Note From Amy...
All my life I have tried to stay fit and healthy, much of my career has been focussed around looking good but feeling healthy and happy on the inside is just as important. Working out has always been my ‘me’ time, I feel alive and so much more positive once I’ve finished my workout.

If I feel stressed or tense, escaping to the gym for as little as 20 minutes can really help me let go of all that negative energy...working out doesn’t just help me look good but it truly makes me happy.

Walking into the gym or picking up a fitness plan can seem quite daunting at first, especially if you've never done it before, but in this plan I’ll be there to guide you through all of the workouts, whether you're a beginner and this is your fitness time working out, maybe you exercise regularly but fancy a new fitness plan to take your results to the level, or maybe like me, you’ve not long had a baby and now you've decided to take the next step from your post natal workouts.

I’ve worked with award winning personal trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke to bring this plan to life, it incorporates everything I love about fitness and MORE! Upper and lower body, core and full body exercises, nothing is missed!

I can’t wait for you to get involved and BRIDGE THE GAP to get to where you want to’ll feel fitter, stronger, more toned and so much happier, I promise. Let’s do this girls.

~ Amy

- 6 week training guide
- 1 Warm Up
- 1 Full Body Stretch
- 2 Full Body Resistance Workouts 
- 3 Full Body Interval Workouts
- 1 Lower Body Workout 
- 1 Upper Body Workout
- 3 Core Workouts
- How to really engage your core tutorial
- Meal planner 
- 12 Healthy Recipes
- Daily checklist
- Weekly Workout Planner
- Nutrition Guidelines 
- How to workout your daily calorie intake 
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with Amy Willerton
  • 6 Week Training Guide Download & Keep Forever
  • ​1 Warm Up Unlock & Access 
  • 1 Full Body Stretch Unlock & Access
  • ​3 Full Body Interval Workouts Unlock & Access
  • ​2 Full Body Resistance Workouts Unlock & Access
  • ​3 Core Workouts Unlock & Access
  • 1 Upper Body Workout Unlock & Access
  • ​1 Lower Body Workout Unlock & Access
  • How To Really Engage Your Core Tutorial Unlock & Access
  • How To Work Out Your Daily Calorie Intake Download & Keep Forever
  • 1 Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever Download & Keep Forever
  • ​Meal Planner Unlock & Access
  • ​12 Healthy Recipes Unlock & Access
  • ​Daily checklist Unlock & Access
  • Nutrition Guidance To Help You Fuel Your Workouts Unlock & Access
  • ​Weekly Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
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